Gallstone Busters is a streamlined clinical pathway for gallstones delivered by a multi-disciplinary specialist consultant team. The service stands for rapid and easy access to specialist assessment, investigations and co-ordinated management.


Referral indications:

* Abdominal pain or other symptoms most likely due to gallstones
* Symptomatic gallstones requiring an urgent assessment and treatment

The patient may have abnormal liver function tests (LFTs) and imaging results (whether consistent or equivocal) showing gallstones.

The patient can be an outpatient, or already an inpatient at a hospital. Both medical insured or self fund patients are welcome.

This is not an emergency service to replace A&E assessment/ admission.

This website provides information about how to access this service that is available to patients in Coventry, Warwickshire and part of Leicestershire. It also outlines useful information about some investigations and surgery for gallstones.